Stage accessories Add brackets, holders, shelves
lights and printed mat
Stage more than a backdrop
Create a dressing room or a storage
Use as counter open or closed,
also doubles as transportcase.
Stage accesories
Add shelves to display
your products.
Add brackets to
hang products on.
65 mm Go to page Super compact. Lighter and more comfortable to carry. Telescopic pole. Normal 85 cm wide graphic. Nice black accents. Maxibit brand! Make a statement Fabric backdrops are perfect as they don't reflect camera flashes. Stage
The perfect backdrop for both
pressconferences and events.
CounterCase XL
Lots of storage shelves
in the back of the counter
Combine any products same height they compliment eachother . Scene UltraLight
3 meter wide packs like a roll up
LaunchPack 2.0
Use as counter or with
transparent top dispaly
your products
Scene smarthanger
Change message daily with no effort
LaunchPack easely transforms to ShowPack, CookPack or SoundPack from 7395 SEK/870 € including Graphic Patented Swedish design Quick setup For all types of customer events Maxibit products compliment eachother. Scene UltraLight
3 meter wide packs like a roll up
Wide counter with
Shelving space in
the back
Transport mode